Network Ten has come out and confirmed that Australian Survivor will be running full steam ahead next year, even though nobody can fly to any exotic location at the moment.

The show is set to run in 2021 with a fresh new cast after their successful All Star season this year.

Unfortunately Network 10 weren’t specific on when or where the show would be filmed, so if we end up getting a Cockatoo Island season then…. I’ll be upset.

With the return of Jonathan LaPaglia as the show’s host, it’s also uncertain how the network plans to get him out of his home in California.

All we can assume is that it’s going to be different to usual and that’s what makes it exciting!


They’ve got big shoes to fill after how ridiculously good the last season was…. What is the show without the Golden God Dave?!?

At least we’ll get to see him in The Celebrity Apprentice.


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