The stamina required for Survivor seems to have nothing on what’s needed for The Bachelor.

Former Australian Survivor star and Perth lad Locky Gilbert caught up with Botica’s Bunch Wednesday.

“I’m OK with physical stuff but meeting 23 girls, you can’t train for that,” he said.

While the TV guide says the show premieres tonight from 7.30pm to 9pm, the actual filming of it was anything but an hour-and-a-half session.

“How long is that night?” Lisa asked.

TBH, we weren’t prepared for the answer.

“We start shooting from like 6pm and then we wrap at like 4am,” Locky said. “It’s a long day.”


“You’re standing there full of adrenaline but as soon as you’re finished, you’re dead.”

Thing is, this year is going to be a little different because of you-know-what.

“We went through the pandemic like the whole world and there was a period where we went on Zoom dates,” he said. “We took away the physicality… as much as I like being physical, taking that away and getting to know the girls just by texting, like a normal relationship, it was very beneficial.”

Locky remarked that future shows should consider keeping Zoom dates.

“I think they should, you get 10 minutes with someone on a couch while other people are watching and it’s at a cocktail party,” he said.

“When we went home, we got to spend like three hours on a phone call, just talking about anything and you’d find out stuff you’d never find out on the show.”


Locky also reassured us that, this season, there’ll be a happy ending.

“The Honey Badger’s kind of scarred us all,” he said of Nick Cummins, who took two ladies to the finale, but chose no one.

“But no, I’m extremely happy… it’s funny, I thought I’d come in  and probably find love and find someone I’ll probably keep dating but the love I have for this girl, it’s something I’ve never had before.”


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