If you didn’t know, Brittany Hockley has started a GREAT podcast with fellow Bachie contestant Laura Byrne called Life Uncut, and they talk about all things life and sometimes some Bachie talks work its way in there.

Britt revealed how much they were allowed to drink on set on Honey Badger’s season compared to Bachie in Paradise.

“I only got drunk once on The Bachelor…but [Bachelor in Paradise] is different”

“You can’t start drinking until midday. The bar opens at 12, and then you get two drinks an hour and you can basically drink until midnight. That’s a lot of drinks…and in the sun.”

Look, I’m no mathematician but I think…that adds up to…24 drinks…a day, everyday.



Hockley added that producers had the power to cut members off if they got too loose. 

“The second they think you’ve had too many, or you’re too intoxicated, they’ll cut you off”, she says and then she calls out her cast mates!

“I think Jamie got cut off a few times, and I think Brittney got cut off once – bless her soul”.



You can listen to Life Uncut right here!

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