They’ve been there from the beginning and are among our favourite fams on Gogglebox Australia.

It was an odd concept for a reality show – watching people watch TV – how did Matt, Kate, Millie and Holly Dalton even hear about, and apply for, such an unusual show?

“They actually scouted us from the street,” Matt told Clairsy & Lisa on Tuesday.

“It was random, I think Holly and Millie and Kate might have been arguing and they needed a teenage family that was loud and argumentative, they picked The Daltons.”

After starring on the show for more than six years, Matt and Holly gave us some insight into a bunch of stuff, including what kind of advice would they give those keen to apply… and when the HECK we might see some WA Goggleboxers?

Gogglebox Australia, 7.30pm Wednesday on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel & 8.40pm on Thursdays on Channel 10



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