The show that seemingly came from nowhere, Squid Game has taken over the world.

Comfortably sitting at the top trending on Netflix, the Korean thriller drama is all anyone seems to be able to talk about, so if you haven’t seen it then you’re gonna need to STRAP IN.

Set in modern-day South Korea, the story follows Seong Gi-hun, who’s in a crazy amount of debt and living in borderline poverty with his ill mother.

On the precipice of losing his daughter, Seong Gi-hun – alongside 456 other people in similar debt-riddled situations – enter the ‘squid game’ in an attempt to win a life-changing amount of money.

Little do they know the game is one of life and death. Yep, it’s grim.

The Squid Games are an interpretation of popular games played in Korean schoolyards but instead of simply winning or losing… you’re eliminated. Literally.



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