We’ve only known Hayley Vernon a couple of nights on Married At First Sight and she’s already having to defend herself.

Not only is Hayley at the centre of the toothbrush gate scandal, but now she’s been forced to speak out after a rumour started circling alleging that she is transgender.

Hayley spoke with the Daily Mail at Sydney Airport on Wednesday, saying that the rumours are completely false.

“I wish I could pull my pants down and lift my top up [to prove it] but I’m standing in an airport,” she said.




While the rumour had been circling on Twitter, Hayley revealed that it actually started on the set of Married At First Sight.

Hayley revealed to 96FM’s Hour of Power hosts Kyle and Jackie O that two MAFS contestants started the rumour at a dinner party.

“This rumour actually started with two MAFS contestants,” Hayley admitted.

“So I don’t know that it’s actually going to be played on air.”

She then called out one of the grooms, saying he actually mentioned the fact that he thought she was transgender to her face at a dinner party.

“[He] actually said to me at one of the dinner parties, he’s like, ‘Oh that’s okay because I’ve called you a tranny’,” Hayley claimed.


“I’ve never been called a tranny in my whole life. It’s just like, who says that? Being transgender is not something that people should make a mockery of or it’s not something that should be looked at negatively.

“It’s not a life decision, this is what people are feeling and it should be respected.”

Hayley said that she was surprised how quickly the rumour spread in the media and she now thinks that the groom must have said something about the rumour to someone else on the show.

“I have a slight inkling that he might have actually said it to someone and it’s just…”

“It snowballed,” Jackie finished.

As for how the rumour made her feel, Hayley said that she didn’t let it get to her because it wasn’t worth it.


“It didn’t make me feel anything, I was kind of indifferent to it. It’s people that point fingers and put names on you and labels, it says more about their own insecurities than it does about yours,” she said.

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