At the moment there isn’t much else to do apart from DIY, cooking and watching TV seeing as we’re all stuck in isolation.

So while you look up various ‘how to’s’ and new recipes to try, Netflix are doing their part in making sure we’ve got PLENTY to watch with their May lineup.

The streaming service has announced a whole bunch of highlights from the titles we can expect to see next month, and can we just say, we should change our residential address to ‘The Couch’ because we ain’t leaving this spot anytime soon.

Some major standouts on the list are new seasons of some of our favourite series. We’re talking Workin’ Moms: Season 4, Dead to Me: Season 2, Rick and Morty: Season 4 and, wait for it, the finale season of everyone’s fav Schitt’s Creek.

Not to mention there’s also some comedic stuff in there to keep us laughing through this time, like the series from comedian Hannah Gadsy: Douglas and the new Steve Carrell show that’s said to be similar to The Office, Space Force.

Sounds incredible right? Just grab the wine, we’ll be here in front of the TV all month.

Check out the full list of highlights below!


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