We’ve all been wondering how the all new format for Big Brother will work ever since they announced that the shows wouldn’t be featuring live elements.

At first, we were feeling a bit skeptical about how the pre-recorded episodes would look, but as Sonia Kruger explained the format to 96FM Hour of Power hosts Kyle and Jackie O, we’ve now decided that they’re going to be even more dramatic this time around!

If you think back to the old format, Australia used to have the power when it came to choosing the housemate to eliminate.

But this time around, housemates will have to compete in challenges to save themselves from nomination and they will then have to nominate and eliminate each other.

It basically sounds like Survivor except they’re living in a mansion rather than camping on a beach.

“In the past, Australia would decide,” Sonia began. “So now there are these epic nomination challenges. So basically they compete and the jeopardy in the challenge is so crucial because when you win that challenge, you have the right to nominate people in the house.”

“Now the problem is, then the housemates decide who to evict. So one person goes, the other two people you’ve nominated are still in house and they know that you nominated them, and they’re coming for you.”


Another big change is that in the past, the housemates weren’t allowed to discuss the nominations with each other, but now it’s encouraged and we’ll actually see them conspiring with each other on who to vote out.

“And then when we get to the evictions, I actually sort of run a bit of a Q&A through the evictions and that tends to be where their game plans get exposed,” Sonia continued.

“So that creates major fireworks, which I never thought would be as entertaining as it is to watch… It’s a real rollercoaster that’s for sure.”

Big Brother has previously announced that one housemate will be evicted every single episode with originally perplexed audiences, leaving us thinking that the season would be over very quickly.


But Sonia reassured us this morning that despite the numerous evictions, the show will still run for several weeks before there’s only three people left in the house for the finale.

“It runs three nights a week so it goes for like seven weeks and then we have the big, live grand finale and that’s when Australia decides who will be the ultimate winner,” she continued.

Well, we have to say, this sure sounds like it’s going to be one interesting season! Bring it on!

Big Brother starts next Monday at 7:30pm on Channel 7.


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