Every Aussie’s fave film critics Margaret & David have decided to review the trainwreck that is 2020.

The backbone and face of the now iconic show ‘At The Movies’ from 2004-2014, Margaret & David have decided to come back for one time only to do what needs to be done in a partnership with The Shovel.

Beginning with a close up of David, he jumps right in, “An ageing despot with deteriorating mental health refuses to engage with a global pandemic and over-boiling racial tensions, while people are forced to stay home to watch a documentary on big cat game parks”, the review begins with nothing but the truth.

“It’s difficult to work out what 2020 actually is. A sci-fi? A disaster epic? A political drama? Sort sort of dark comedy? It’s hard to tell.”

Margaret takes the stance of an optimist, absolutely loving the year and giving it a whole five star rating!


Pomeranz thinks the film ‘2020’ is a conceptual masterpiece and you’d be a fool to take it seriously.

Her highlights include; Donald Trump telling a nation to drink bleach, Kim Jong Un’s numerous mysterious deaths and Prince Phillip ‘retiring’ from what? God knows…

“I loved 2020…I thought it was ridiculous, satirical, vastly entertaining, absolutely hilarious,” Margaret’s review is in and to see the year through her rose-tinted glasses makes it a little easier to digest.