Are you looking for fame… ugh LOVE, we definitely meant love…

Well then you’re in luck! Channel Nine’s most explosive reality TV show Married At First Sight is already casting for season 8.

While we’re still watching season seven play out on on our screens at the moment (and we’re patiently waiting for that horrifying toothbrush scandal to take place), the show is already looking for new singles unlucky in love to attempt the social experiment.

The advertisement says that the next season “will be in the works later this year” and all you need to do to apply is be ready to get married on national television and fill in the application form online.

This involves a questionnaire, with sections for basic information and some personal questions, as well as uploading some photos and videos of yourself.

You also have to be over 25 to apply and an Australian citizen, or have been a permanent resident for at least two years.

Filming is set to take place for four months between August and December this year so you’ll need to make sure you’re completely free for that.


And of course, they do say that you “have to actually be interested in finding love”. Shock horror.

If all of this sounds like something you’re keen to do then you can apply here!

You never know, you could be finishing off 2020 marrying a complete stranger and finding the love of your life!

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