It’s an All-Star Season with veteran chef contestants returning to compete.

Most of the contestants are no longer wide-eyed and naive when it comes to TV production, many of whom have their own cooking shows. 

This means many of them probably negotiated good deals for themselves to be part of the show!

New Idea Magazine had a few figures to report that you may find surprising!

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way, Katy Perry is set to make a guest appearance on an upcoming episode in homage to the iconic use of her song ‘Hot n Cold’ in the intro credits.

This guest judge appearance cost the network $100,000, unsurprising considering it’s KATY FREAKIN’ PERRY.

What might surprise you is that Poh and Hayden are both getting $40,000 for their part in the show, no matter when they get eliminated.


Considering how much they’re using Poh to sell the show, I expected her to get far more. 

New Idea Magazine’s super secret spy that leaked these juicy details also stated that “The combined contestant salaries outweigh the three combined judges’ salaries big time,”.

Which isn’t that juicy because obviously…the payment of 24 contestants should outweigh the payment of 3 judges… unless they’re JUST talking about Poh and Hayden.

In that case, could the judges cumulatively be earning less than $80k between the three of them?

That is INSANE considering our last trio of judges were supposedly demanded an annual pay increase of up to $1.5 million each according to The Daily Telegraph. 


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