Following last night’s super intense dinner party episode of Married At First Sight and the blow up of the Hayley and Michael cheating scandal, there were a LOT of unanswered questions.

Did Michael really kiss Hayley? Does Stacey forgive Michael and try to make things work?

96FM’s Hour of Power hosts Kyle and Jackie O got straight down to business to try and get to the bottom of things so we got Michael to join us on the phone for a chat.

With Michael being his typical, cocky self, he talked a lot of sh*t really, but one thing he did say that stuck with us was that basically his whole role on MAFS was to put on a good show for Australia… In other words, he wasn’t really on there for the right reasons.

Jackie asked Michael whether he really kissed Hayley or if he was still denying that and this is what he said in return:

He told us that he was performing for the cameras and that the cast are “in there for Australia” rather than love. He said that he “put the clown suit on” at times in order to create entertaining TV.

“It’s a TV show guys. Like yeah, we did fall in love and it was a great journey but at the end of the day it’s a TV show,” Michael said.


“For three months I put the clown suit on for Australia. I dressed up in a jungle, do you know what I mean?”

“No, no. This isn’t Home and Away,” Kyle interjected.

“This isn’t acting. Isn’t it supposed to be people that struggle to find love decide to go into an experiment where… you let experts pick for you so you find true love?”

“One hundred per cent and you go through the journey of true love and not everything’s perfect, I’m sure you can appreciate that Kyle,” Michael replied.

“But hang on, at what point are you putting on the clown mask and just performing for cameras?” Jackie asked.

“I’m saying like at the end of the day, you’re in there for Australia and they’re going to make it an entertaining show,” Michael said.


“They’re going to expose the cracks of everything that you’ve gone through. And it’s going to be amplified, it’s going to be blown up and it’s going to be watched because at the end of the day that’s what’s entertaining to watch.”

But little did Michael know that Stacey was actually sitting in our green room at this exact moment, listening to everything that he was saying. And understandably, she was ROPABLE!

After we hung up on Michael, Stacey joined us in studio and was clearly upset by the words that had just come out of her onscreen husband’s mouth, telling us that on the other hand, she “was there to find love”.

“Who goes on radio and says, ‘Oh it was a good three months. I had the clown suit on’,” Stacey said as she sat down in studio. “I was there to find love. You met my children. What the hell is going on? You’ve just made a mockery of me.”

After hearing the truth about Michael this morning, there was no holding her back and she decided to speak truthfully about what he was really like on the show. She firstly told us that when Michael would come home after a night of drinking he would say horrible things to her about their time on the show.

“What was he saying to you?” Jackie asked.


“Oh we’re just here for this, this, this, let’s just hang on, I’ll give you the show of your life,” Stacey revealed.

“So he was treating it as an opportunity to get famous not as an experiment to find love?” Kyle asked.

“Yep,” Stacey replied. “I actually signed up to find love so regardless of what that guy just said, which is appalling, he’s made a mockery of Married At First Sight.”

“I actually fell for the guy and I feel so stupid,” Stacey added.

“He made a mockery of Married at First Sight,” Stacey said, calling out Michael for only going on the show to get famous. “Honestly hearing him and the way that he treated it like he was going on, like you said it’s not Home and Away, we’re not actors. We’re here to ind love. I’m just gobsmacked by what I just heard.”

Despite all of this, Stacey says she doesn’t regret going on the show because it taught her a lot.


“I don’t regret it. I learnt a lot about myself and I learnt a lot about men and how I should be treated,” Stacey said.

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