Gogglebox is probably the most perfect job to have during COVID, particularly for Melbourne mum-and-daughter Kerry and Isabelle Silbery.

“Yeah, I think that we’ve all just been sitting at home watching telly, so nothing’s really changed for us,” Isabelle told Botica’s Bunch on Wednesday.

After giving us a rundown on what shows they absolutely loved (The Octopus Teacher, anyone?) Isabelle spilled the tea on which show she could probably live without.

Speaking of coming out of lockdown, the pair are about to be reunited with their third Gogglebox member, mum and nan, Emily.

“She’s had a very lonely lockdown,” Isabelle said before happily adding that they’ll hopefully all be back together on the couch next season.

Kerry, Isabelle and Emily.


Gogglebox is on Foxtel’s Lifestyle channel, Wednesdays at 7.30pm