It’s been revealed that the footy is responsible for luring Adam & Symon away from the popular TV show about people watching TV.

Former Big Brother winner Benjamin Norris told TV Blackbox that Adam Densten and Symon Lovett have just inked a deal with Foxtel on a new production called Footy Yarns.

“Everyone’s been wanting to know where the boys from Gogglebox have gone and they’re about to have a show on Foxtel about sport,” he said.  “It’s not been announced yet.”

“Those two boys, when they left Gogglebox, they were only leaving Gogglebox for something else and Foxtel has given them something to commentate on, which is to do with sport which is what they wanted.”

We don’t know anything else about the format of Footy Yarns but, not gonna lie, we’re pumped to see the boys again.


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