It was one helluva week as the cheating scandal unfolded on The Block.

Contestants Tanya and Vito got a photo of the program’s schedule on a whiteboard at the start of the series before sharing it with another team.

Ronnie and Georgia told The Bunch that host Scott Cam was in “damage control” over the photo.

“What you have to understand is that the schedule gets sent out to all the tradies on The Block,” Ronnie began before Georgia interjected: “Not just the tradies, but the suppliers, the sponsors,” she added.

“So, Kinsman, they set up schedules to produce cabinetry in a week which, in the real world, that takes six to 12 weeks. It has this pretty significant financial impact to suppliers and brands and trades.”

This is why Ronnie was so ‘cheesed off’ about the whole scandal.

“When you talk to these trades, [they’ve said] ‘we lost $6000 last week because we weren’t supposed to be here and had to cancel real jobs in the real world’,” he said. “Tanya and Vito had no idea the scale of what they had done”


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