Drama has been going down on SAS Australia, with Firass Dirani either being an absolute trouble maker OR getting the ‘villain’ edit by the producers.

After last night’s episode where the contestants were summoned in the cold at 10.29pm, Dirani had a bit of a grumble which had Shannon Ponton to “seriously shut the f*** up!”

Which feels like there might have been a bit of pent up rage going on there!

Ponton added “Everyone’s the same mates.”

Instructor Ant Middleton made everyone pull out their water bottles and hold them out in front of themselves.

Middleton told Firass if his bottle was full and Dirani replied, with a little bit of attitude that it was only ‘97% full.’

As punishment, Ant Middleton made him pour it over his head, remember it was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING outside at that time.


Fellow contestant Shannon Ponton claimed to TV WEEK that Dirani’s behaviour ‘ruined’ the entire show experience for all the other contestants.

“On multiple occasions I asked Firass to hand in his badge, as his presence and repetitive behaviour were ruining the entire experience for the rest of us.”

“I struggled with Firass’ behaviour from day one,” Ponton added and honestly same.

Firass Dirani has spoken out against Ponton’s claims to Daily Mail Australia saying “Who the f*** is he to tell me how to act? I wasn’t there to be compliant or hide. Or be a sheep. I went there to be me, and I didn’t fit into the construct of who he thought I needed to be.”


Ummmm I don’t know if that’s the right way to think about it but okay?

SAS Australia continues tonight at 7.30pm on Channel Seven