A House Rules contestant has won a workers compensation case against Seven for “psychological” injury.

The NSW Workers Compensation Commission found Nicole Prince, from the 2017 season of the show (pictured above right), was technically an employee of Seven and was harassed and bullied.

“As soon as Fiona [her partner in the show] and I entered the studio for the scoring of the teams’ work, we could see and feel the hatred from the other teams,” she said.

“We did not understand where all of it was coming from.

“We discovered months later that the ‘reveal footage’ that was shown to the other teams only contained our negative comments about their renovation work and none of the positive things that we had said.

“They later told us that they had felt hurt and upset that we didn’t seem to care how hard they had worked, and they thought we were the nastiest people on the planet.”

Ms Prince continued to say that during every camera interview, she and Fiona complained on film that they were being subjected to isolation, bullying and harassment by the other teams.

“On one occasion, I witnessed Fiona be physically assaulted,” she said.

She also claimed that she had struggled to find work due to the negative portrayal on the show.

The compensation has yet to be decided but it’s expected the decision will have a significant impact on the industry.

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