Nothing is OK.

How am I supposed to get through a bloody global pandemic with the best show in the world ending?

How am I supposed to live without my boys Boyle and Jake? My bestie Gina Linetti?

NBC has released the first trailer for the upcoming final season and it’s stated ‘In the face of crisis, chaos and childcare, one team will rise for one last ride,” and WHY DO ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END?!

Looks like we’re gonna get all our favourite reoccurring characters, I’m talking Adrian, Kevin, Doug Judy and even Trudy Judy!


In case you can’t remember how we left things, Season 7 ended baby McClane ‘Mac’ Santiago-Peralta entering the world, and we know season 8 is going to focus on the couple’s parenting journey and why do I have a feeling there are going to be a few hurdles for them.


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