Nazeem Hussain doesn’t know how most of the stuff from ‘Hughsey, We Have A Problem’ gets to air.

On Monday, he told The Bunch that as the hosts dig deeper into people’s problems, the darker and ‘more wrong’ the conversations get.

“I just expect network executives to run in and go ‘alright, guys’, I mean we have restrictions but they seem to be happy with us to say whatever.”

Let’s just say there’s a reason it’s on at 8.30pm.

Particularly tonight because this one sounds batshit bananas.

First of all, Tiger King’s Carole Baskin is on the show.

Then, everyone’s super bonks uncle, Gary Busey is on – complete with his pet bird just flying around his head and pecking his ear like it’s no big deal.


THEN, Bernard Tomic’s girlfriend – Vanessa ‘I don’t wash my own hair’ Sierra will also be on, and as you can imagine, our Lisa had thoughts about that…

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