Netflix has just dropped a trailer for their next true crime doco and it’s based off the suspicious death of Elisa Lam in Cecil Hotel.

Most of you would remember the case, it blew up everywhere because of the bizarre circumstances surrounding her disappearance and death, here’s a refresher:

The documentary series will be called ‘Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel’ and will be season one of Netflix’s planned doco series that focuses on infamous crime locations!

The Hotel Cecil can be considered one of the most infamous of modern times, also known as ‘Hotel Death’, the hotel has housed the likes of Richard Ramirez!!

The four-part series will be directed by Joe Berlinger who also directed The Ted Bundy Tapes and did a bloody good of it!

“My past projects have leaned into individual crimes and criminals, but I have never explored the role a particular location has played in creating an environment in which multiple crimes seemingly take place over and over again,” Berlinger told Variety.


“The fact that Elisa disappeared in a location that has a multi-decade history of crimes is what made her case fascinating to me.”

Supported by interviews with hotel employees, guests and investigators it’s going to be absolutely chilling.

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel drops on Netflix on the 10th of February. 


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