We’re SO ready to go on a trip around the world, without actually ever leaving our couch!

That’s right, The Amazing Race Australia is so close to starting on Channel 10 and we’ve officially got our first look at the show with the first trailer.

And we’re honestly already OBSESSED!

Not only does the casting seem to be PERFECT because we’re already loving the various teams (go the missionaries of Gods love sisters), but there’s already some laugh out loud moments! (Honestly we’re playing the guy falling off the camel on repeat!)

The Amazing Race sees 11 teams run across the world competing in various tests and challenges in the pursuit of winning the $250,000 cash prize at the finish line!

Beau Ryan will be guiding the teams on this crazy, ludicrous and outrageous adventure as relationships are tested and fears are faced.

We still don’t have a start date but what we do know is that it should be released at the end of October or early November.


Watch the trailer in the video above!

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