We’re just days out from Married At First Sight hitting our screens again, buuuut apparently it won’t be quite the trainwreck we know and love.

“We tried to go back and reset it to essentially the core of Married,” MAFS expert John Aitken told Botica’s Bunch, meaning “the fairy tale, people buying-in 100% and seeing whether they fall in love or break up trying.”

Not gonna lie, we weren’t sure we were happy or disappointed at this news.

Aitken also gave The Bunch a sneak peek of what new expert Alessandra Rampolla, who has replaced Dr Trish Stratford, is like.

“She talks 24/7 about sex,” he said, which is just as well considering she’s a certified clinical sexologist with over 20 years’ experience. “She asks the sort of questions I run a mile from.”

Another thing we reckon Aitken might like to run a mile from are the MAFS fans over in the UK, who are smack-bang in the middle of Season 6…


Despite that season being two years old, the outrage is fresh.

Hit PLAY below to listen in…

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