Tiktok is exposing the secrets of Farmer Wants A Wife before it’s even started! Apparently one of the ‘farmers’ isn’t even a farmer and I mean…isn’t that the whole point of the show!

A promo video on the show’s official TikTok was hit with comments from people who claim to know one of the contestants.

Farmer Sam, from Canowindra in NSW and lives on a sheep farm. His interests include motorbike riding, horse riding, water skiing, and fishing. He said he has devoted the past 4 years to his farm and, really, seems pretty farmy, right?


Farmer Sam is a lover of family and adventure. Will he find someone to love too? July 4 on Channel 7

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According to the TikTok comments, Farmer Sam isn’t actually a farmer.

‘He used his brother’s farm to get on the show,’ one said.


Another said that it’s a small family farm – more of a block than a farm and that “he borrowed stock and machinery from local farmers. It’s not even a farm, it’s only 4 paddocks.”


To make matters worse, there was also a claim that he had a long term girlfriend during the filming of the show. What on earth is going on.

The original TikTok has since been taken down –  along with the comments. Which seems pretty suss…


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