I honestly… feel ill at this point.

In what can only be described as an abomination of The Masked Singer, First Dates and Love Is Blind, Netflix’s new show Sexy Beasts features hopeful contestants looking for love that goes further than just skin deep… by way of using makeup and prosthetics.

In the ultimate ‘true blind-date chemistry to the test’, I can’t help but be fearful of what’s gonna feature in my nightmares.

I have many issues with what’s going on but let’s start with the title… ‘Sexy Beasts’, a title that I’m gonna go out on a limb and say was made by a white man in his 60s that still for some reason thinks he’s got it going on.

He doesn’t.

Secondly… the masks.



They obviously didn’t have the budget that The Masked Singer has to create jaw-dropping creations but how on earth is anyone supposed to fall in love with someone who looks like this:

It’s frustrating because I feel like from this guy’s clothing, he’ll be a total babe but sorry, I can’t look past what can only be… testicles on his head?

My third issue is with this show is that I’m obviously going to watch it.



Check out the trailer below, it’s set to drop on July 21st on Netflix Australia.