With the Working From Home trend continuing to spread as we attempt to combat the coronavirus, even those in the television biz are starting to try it out in a bid to have as many of us self-isolating as possible.

Last night Tracy Grimshaw did her usual broadcast for A Current Affair on Channel Nine.

Except it wasn’t really a usual broadcast, as for the first time she was being filmed from her home rather than the Channel Nine studios.

In her spare bedroom, Tracy had a table set up as her news desk, a TV behind her with the A Current Affair logo on it and a camera crew fit into the small room in order to make sure the broadcast went as smoothly as possible.

“Tonight we’re coming to you from my bedroom,” the veteran journalist told her viewers at the start of the show.

“And there’s something I never thought I’d say. It’s a spare room and in the interests of staying home, we’ll be here for a while.

“I have a small crew here for the first night, which is allowed, because they’re of course at work.”


Tracy shared photos behind-the-scenes of the makeshift set on her Instagram page, showing their efforts to make this home broadcast happen.

“Home studio set up, ready for @acurrentaffair9 tonight from my (spare) bedroom. Two spare bedrooms trashed actually (thanks @dribbler56) but it’s for a good cause. #stayathome #unlessatwork. For me right now, it’s both,” she wrote.

While Tracy dressed up in her usual blouse and blazer with hair and makeup done for the broadcast, it seems she’s taking on the WFH comfort like the rest of us, with an image shared by ‘The Camerman’s Style’ on Instagram showing Tracy with no shoes on under the desk.



The best part of the whole thing? Tracy’s dogs decided to interrupt her broadcast.

In video also posted to Instagram, her dogs as seen trying to jump up on her while she sits behind the desk.


“Working from home is difficult enough without having to control the kids #athomewithtracy,” the video was captioned.

“Sit dogs, sit! Sit!” Tracy says, trying to get her pups under control.

The dogs weave between the equipment as a producer then tries to coax them out of the room/makeshift studio. Of course they won’t leave, but end up lying down near their mum as she prepares to go live. What good doggos!


It’s honestly hilarious and reminds us a lot of that new broadcast that went viral after the man’s kids came into the room, followed by his embarrassed wife. You know the one.