A teleshopping presenter in the UK has gone viral for his uncanny resemblance to The Office character David Brent while selling bedding.

Twitter is losing its collective mind over Rob Locke, who’s unorthodox selling technique on shopping channel Ideal World, is pretty much spot on to that of Ricky Gervais’ character from The Office.

“I don’t have to be enthusiastic. I can give you the facts, I can smile, I can give you the usual spiel. I don’t have to like it. You can make your own mind up,” he deadpans.

“And if you don’t buy it, it’s not like I’m losing money… I don’t swear at my duvet, I swear by it.”

The first tweet, which included a short clip, quickly went bonkers, with others chiming in that Rob Locke was, indeed, “more David Brent than David Brent”.


The video has picked up a staggering 69,000 likes and 15,000 retweets.

Gervais himself replied on Twitter to one post, writing: “Cheeky f***er”.

When asked if he was related to Locke, Gervais joked “Same Chef”.

Not gonna lie, I’m personally praying for Locke to bust out a version of Free Love On The Freelove Freeway.

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