Every year, in the lead-up to Australia Day, many of us look forward to the annual ‘lamb ad’ featuring Sam Kekovich which drops onto our TV screens.

This year, however, things were different.

Whether you noticed it or not, it didn’t appear over the long weekend at all.

We now know why.

Meat And Livestock Australia explained to 10 daily that, with the recent bushfires and ongoing drought, they wanted to be sensitive farmers who’ve been “going through a lot of hardships”.

“A lot of lamb producers were caught up in that and we were really conscious of that,” domestic market manager for Meat And Livestock Australia Graeme Yardy said.

“There had been a lot of coverage around fires, but we got to a point where we felt the Australian public was ready to see it.


“We are in this stage of rebuilding (bushfire affected areas), so now it is time to help.”

The ad, called Lambalytica (taking inspo from Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica data scandal), sees a team of data scientists hacking the phones of Australians, forcing them to put them down and connect face-to-face.

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