We dare you to try and get through this story without sending a shiver down your spine…One family in Queensland have received a shock after discovering a two-metre long python hiding inside the pocket of their pool table!!!

To be fair, it’s sort of their own fault seeing as the cheeky python is their own pet snake named Izzy. But the family grew quite concerned after realising that their python went missing.

Two-Metre Python Found Inside A Queensland Family’s Pool Table

Izzy had been draped over her owner’s shoulders while the family was playing a game of pool. As the man concentrated on his shot, Izzy managed to slither away out of sight. 

But she didn’t get too far! The family found the Coastal Python hiding inside one of the ball pockets of the table!

Izzy’s owner Janelle Weston described Izzy as being “very check” and that it seemed like she was playing a game with the family.


“She was popping her head out of random pockets and popping back in again like a game of peak-a-boo,” said Mrs Weston to Yahoo7.

While it seemed like a game to Izzy, she actually became trapped inside the table before she was eventually rescued when the Weston family pulled apart the table.

Funnily enough, the pictures of Izzy the python were shared to Brisbane Snake Catchers Facebook page in a bid to reduce fear surrounding snakes. And while we’ll admit, she definitely looks cheeky, the photos still send a chill through our entire bodies! (We reckon that’s definitely a major fear of snakes talking…)

For those feeling the same way, Lauren Rose fro Brisbane Snake Catchers has warned Australians that it’s likely that the reptiles will become more frequent visitors to residential homes during the recent wet weather.

“With the recent storms, they are seeking warm refuge,” she said. “They are also taking a risk (potentially) coming into contact with humans. But it is a risk they take in order to survive.”

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