Is This The Uber Ride From Heaven… Or Hell? 

With the introduction of Uber Pool, there’s no doubt passengers are loving the low fares, costing as little as $4 to get across town. But the inherent risk of choosing this method of transport is that you have no say in who you’ll be riding with.

From one perspective, it brings about a lovely sense of community. A fraternity with your fellow citizens that has been somewhat lost in the modern world of smartphones and bluetooth ear buds. You might ending up having an enthralling chat with someone you’d otherwise never talk to. You might make a new friend. You might even meet a new lover. It’s a new opportunity for social interaction in a safe and comfortable environment. 

From another perspective, you might end up with someone you can’t stand. Or get stuck in close proximity with someone that doesn’t shut up, that has repugnant body odour, who farts, burps, or any other annoying habit. 

And finally, sharing a ride could be a chance for some fun and games. The games you used to play as a kid when Mum or Dad were driving. And this is exactly what went down when Will & Woody shared an Uber Pool with a random passenger named Kevin. But did he subscribe to the fun and games? 

WATCH the video to find out! 

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