A Perth mum has described her shock after her baby monitor logged her onto another child’s nursery camera.

Edana Day, 27, bought the Uniden Smart Baby Monitor so her fly-in, fly-out partner could stay connected to their infant daughter.

The device works by allowing the user to log-in to their smartphone using a QR scan code and a password.

Thing is, her device logged her into the monitor belonging to a complete stranger.

“I logged in through what the instructions told me to and it wasn’t my daughter’s bedroom, it was somebody else’s bedroom,” she told Nine News Perth.

“A predator could buy this camera, put that password in and have the opportunity to see any child sleeping in their bed.

“I don’t know if someone can see my daughter’s room now, I don’t feel safe using this product.


“I don’t know if anybody around the world can log in and see my daughter’s bedroom, that’s my daughter’s safety and I feel sick.”

It’s thought that a misconfiguration could’ve caused the error.

“This is horrifying, it’s very scary when this sort of thing happens,” Perth technology expert Ben Aylett said.

“This is just simply through misconfiguration.

“Other reasons this might happen is that the code might have some sort of error in it, this does happen from time to time.”

Uniden refused to comment to Nine News.