Wicked Campers might have to just be ‘Campers’ soon after the Victorian Government announced its intention to ban their controversial slogans. 

State Roads Minister Jaala Pulford told the ABC that “time’s up for their offensive slogans”.

“I’ve asked that this be on the agenda at the next meeting of national roads ministers.”.

The campervan company is known for emblazoning offensive slogans on the side of their rental vehicles and has come under fire in recent years after claims of sexism and racism were levelled against them. 

Some of the more outrageous examples include:

“A wife is an attachment you screw on the bed to get housework done.”

“In every princess, there is a little s*** who wants to try it just once.”  


“Hey Lucy, I can imagine the gaffa tape on your mouth.”

“Save a whale, harpoon a Jap.”

The blowback over Wicked Campers has prompted changes to the law in Queensland and Tasmania which gave authorities the power to deregister offensive vehicles.