An anti-vaccination billboard erected in Perth is part of a “dangerous, misleading” campaign and must be torn down, Western Australia’s health minister warns.

The advertisement, on the corner of Brisbane and William Streets in Northbridge, asks passing motorists if they know what is in a vaccine.

It also provides a link to US-based, anti-vaccination website Learn the Risk.

Health Minister Roger Cook says the billboard is an example of the “cunning and devious” tactics of an anti-vaccination campaign.

“It’s dangerous and misleading and puts peoples’ lives at risk,” Mr Cook told reporters on Friday.

He says he will consult the ministerial powers under the Public Health Act to see if he can order the billboards’ removal.

“If those laws aren’t strong enough well then we have to legislate to improve the protections for all West Australians.”


Mr Cook dismissed claims he was suppressing freedom of speech by stopping the campaign.

“People have a right to express a view, they don’t have a right to scare people with these sort of lies, these falsehoods, about the so-called dangers of vaccination.”

The local government for the Town of Vincent is expected to submit a complaint to the Advertising Standards Bureau, and has said it will work with the state government to prevent any further anti-vaccination campaigns.