Joe Exotic, otherwise known as the ‘Tiger King’, has been accused of pulling a “Milli Vanilli”.

With hits like ‘Here Kitty Kitty’ and ‘I Saw a Tiger’, we were all led to believe that Joe could have had a legitimate career as a singer. Whether you’re a country music fan or not, the man could sing!

However, Vanity Fair reports that the man at the centre of the Netflix docuseries, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, did not sing his songs.

Musicians Vince Johnson and Danny Clinton were allegedly responsible for the music, and had no idea that Joe was going to use their voices in the song.

The pair were reportedly approached by Joe to write some country songs for him, which they agreed to do in exchange for exposure on Joe’s potential reality show.

Robert Moor, the creator of the Joe Exotic podcast, added that Joe only “sang softly over the top of the vocal track”.


“I had no idea he was going to Milli Vanilli the songs,” Johnson revealed.

“It was a couple of months and two or three songs [into the collaboration] when I was on YouTube one night and just happened to look up Joe Exotic… and there he was, lip-syncing.”

He added, “I called him up, I was hot… And he bamboozled me about his reality show – that it was coming soon and he would make everything right as rain. I just wanted the proper credit!”

Despite all this, Joe went to incredible lengths to convince the people in his life that he was a singer.

In an interview with Vince and Rick Kirkham – who can be seen in the Netflix docuseries as Joe Exotic’s reality show producer – they talked about how the ‘Tiger King’ had absolutely zero musical talent.


“One time, Joe got a little bit drunk and high, and we actually coaxed him into singing part of one of the songs. He couldn’t even hold a tune,” said Rick.

“It was just so ludicrous. It was a big joke within the crew and staff that it wasn’t him [singing] – but he was damned insistent to anyone and everyone, including us and my studio crew, that that was him.”

It is also alleged that Joe couldn’t even play the guitar, and during shots of him playing, he would have to hide behind high grass to cover his hands.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is currently streaming on Netflix.

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