Remember when Wendy Williams completely mispronounced Dua Lipa’s name in May last year? Well, it appears she’s made yet another embarrassing gaffe on her talk show. 

While presenting a segment about the Glastonbury music festival, the daytime host awkwardly confused Aussie pop icon Kylie Minogue for reality star Kylie Jenner.

Williams was reading out the newly-released Glastonbury lineup when she assumed that the name ‘Kylie’ was the youngest Jenner sister. 

“Everyone’s gonna be there, from The Killers to Kylie Jenner,” she said. 

“No, she doesn’t sing,” the 54-year-old continued. 

“But you guys follow her, so she’s going to be there doing what she does!”

Fans were quick to call out the mishap, slamming Williams for not knowing who Kylie Minogue is. 


She also mistakenly said that the Glastonbury Festival is held in London, when in fact, it’s held in Pilton, Somerset – a two and a half hour drive away.


This isn’t the first stuff-up Williams has made. Fans also slammed her for claiming that she had “never met” Pamela Anderson despite interviewing her on the show back in 2016.

Last year, a clip of her mispronouncing Dua Lipa’s name went viral where she referred to the British singer as ‘Dua Peep’. 

Janet Jackson is also getting dragged after she had the festival’s official poster edited to have her name appear on top of the bill.

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