Tattoos usually have a story behind them, a reminder of something meaningful or significant.

And sometimes not.

While Botica’s Bunch were shooting the breeze with comedian Jon Pinder on Friday, Lisa retold a story involving just that.

“He was in Thailand and knew they were going to enjoy the hospitality a bit too much,” she began.

“So he got the name of the hotel he was staying at tattooed on the top of his foot, so that when he got into a cab later in the night and really couldn’t string a sentence together, he could just hold his foot up.”

Pinder, also a tattoo artist, was living for it.

“I love a tattoo like that, ones that are done on such impulse,” he remarked, adding that “…you can’t beat a holiday tatt.”


Thing is, Pinder is also a tattoo artist… and told an absolute pearler of a story of his mate who got an amazing tatt while in Bali… but there was something not quite right about it…

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