West Coast and Richmond were both meant to have a bye this week but the AFL switched things around, bringing forward their clash forward.

The game has since been rescheduled from June 17 to this Sunday, June 13, at Optus Stadium.

It’s understood that, if the Tigers had stayed on, they would have to quarantine as the club had not spent 14 days outside of the virus-hit Melbourne… but Lisa pointed out something that could be advantageous to the visitors.

“It’s not a long weekend for us,” Lisa threw out there, pointing to the 5.40pm bouncedown.

“Methinks they definitely made that decision for the Eastern States viewers because they do have a long weekend this weekend.”

But it seems the fixture change wasn’t just an inconvenience to punters.

Elliot Yeo chimed in saying it also threw a couple of spanners in the works for some players…


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