In a move that’s set to make any chocolate lover completely lose their mind, the Nutella Road Trip will now, for the first time, include WA.

It’s the third year for the trip, and by the time it wraps, the super-kitsch food truck would’ve clocked up more than 4600kms.

But get this: from Saturday, not only will the food truck hit Bunbury, Freo and Perth, everything on the menu will be free.

Yep. FREE.

Here’s what’s on the menu:

French toast with Nutella, blueberries and banana

Pancakes with Nutella, raspberries and coconut


Waffles with Nutella, banana, yoghurt and crushed hazelnuts

Bagels with Nutella, mandarin and cranberries

Crumpets with Nutella, strawberries and ricotta

Acai bowl with Nutella, mixed berries, banana and crushed hazelnuts


– Saturday, May 26 – Bicentennial Square, Bunbury, 8am to 11am


– Sunday, May 27 – Kings Square, Fremantle, 8am-11am

– Monday, May 28 – Murray St Mall, Perth, 7am-10am

We’re in.

Check out the vid up top, where Paul demonstrates why you shouldn’t put a chocolate in your mouth as you’re fast-approaching a talk break. LOL.