A good old fashioned dust-up is taking place. You don’t want to miss this!!

If you’ve ever tuned into the Will & Woody Show, you’d be well aware that Woody, for no reason whatsoever, is EXTREMELY confident in his wrestling ability. Just because he’s beaten a few of his mates after a couple of beers.

AnywayWill wasn’t buying it, but he was still happy to do a phone topic asking listeners to ring in and suggest someone that Woody should challenge in a wrestle. There were some great suggestions, but then an unexpected caller stopped Woody in his tracks. That caller was none other than Commando Steve, of Biggest Loser, and now Survivor Australia, fame. He wanted to challenge Woody to a wrestle. Woody accepted, and the smackdown has been planned.

The two lads will be going toe to toe for 5 rounds. The winner takes the glory. Does Woody stand a chance? He’s certainly not taking it lightly. Keep in mind, a lot of his preparation has gone into outfit selection. WATCH above to see some of the options.