Brian Wilson is trying to stop a Beach Boys concert fronted by co-founder Mike Love scheduled for this week.

The touring edition of the Beach Boys, for which Love holds the legal rights, is headlining at the Safari Club International Convention in Nevada, where hunting enthusiasts can arrange trips to hunt exotic animals.

Beach Boys co-founder Mike Love


“It has been brought to my attention that on Wednesday, Feb. 5, the Beach Boys touring group licensed by Mike Love are headlining at the Safari Club International Convention in Reno, Nevada,” Wilson tweeted.


“This organization supports trophy hunting, which both Al [Jardine] and I are emphatically opposed to. There’s nothing we can do personally to stop the show, so please join us in signing the petition.”

The petition states the convention will feature “870 companies … selling trophy hunting holidays and wildlife body parts including animal heads this year.”

It also states that “benches made from elephant skin, paintings on elephant ears, a hippo skull table and shark skin belts” have been sold at previous conventions.

The petition addresses the Beach Boys manager Elliott Lott asking “Wouldn’t it be nice if all the Beach Boys, stayed away from those who kill for fun?”


Longtime trophy hunter Donald Trump Jr is expected to make the keynote speech at the convention.

At the time of publish, the petition had attracted 112,500 signatures, with a goal of 150,000.

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