There’s not much Jeremy McGovern can do wrong. Except maybe take the right footy boots to the game.

“I had a complete ‘mare on the weekend,” McGovern told Botica’s Bunch regarding the Eagles’ pre-season match against Fremantle at Joondalup Arena on March 7.

“I had to take a couple pairs of boots for my heel… and I’ve taken two left boots.”

Not great, especially when he realised just before the game started.

“Lucky young Harry Edwards had the same boots as me and in the size, so I had to use one of his right boots,” he admitted.

“That must’ve been why I played OK, I think.”

Lisa remarked that it might take awhile to live it down… when he further admitted that it wasn’t his first time.


“I’ve actually done that like four times,” McGovern said. “But it’s the last time, mark my words, it’s the last time I’ll do it.”

Sure Jeremy, sure.

The admissions didn’t stop there, either.

He told Botica’s Bunch about the time he supported Freo, the toughest opponent he’s come up against and which West Coast player left the team “for the better” …

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