We haven’t seen him on the small screen for awhile but Kath & Kim’s Kel Knight has become the unlikely star of the COVIDSafe app.

Thing is, if you don’t follow Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews you probably missed it… but on Monday, Glenn Robbins told Botica’s Bunch the story behind how it came about.

“I was looking at the politicians trying to sell the app and I thought ‘you know what, they need some normal people to say to download it and we should get involved’,” Robbins said.

He said he saw a picture of Kath [Jane Turner] and Kel on Daniel Andrews’ Instagram and it gave him an idea on how to promote the COVIDSafe App.

“So I rang them and said ‘do you want me to do something?’,” he said.

As early as the following morning, Robbins said he got up and went out the back to shoot the clip.

“Sad thing is, I don’t have any of Kel’s outfits,” he said. “As you’d know, Kel has a particular type of outfit… but it didn’t take long for me to find a shirt that was actually mine that looked like Kel’s.”


Robbins then said he had a shower, did his hair like Kel’s and grabbed some… Blu Tack.


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Make sure you leave some Cardonnay for the rest of us.

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Say what?

“I dunno whether you know,” Robbins admitted,”But Kel’s ears poke forward, so I put the Blu Tack behind my ears.”

Robbins then walked out to the backyard and did the clip in one take.


At the time of publish, it has been viewed more than 52,500 times.

“It was really good, it wasn’t about me getting publicity it was really was to do my bit so we can all get on with our lives again,” Robbins said.

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