Having 37 Olympic gold medals, Ian Thorpe was always more than qualified to appear in a new docuseries about elite swimmers.

Head Above Water follows Thorpey, Bronte Campbell, Kyle Chalmers and Cody Simpson and the sheer workload and discipline that goes into the Olympic trials.

Yep as in the pop star and Miley Cyrus’ most recent ex-boyfriend Cody Simpson.

But Simpson is turning out to be the swimmer to watch.

“The plan for Cody was always 2024,” Thorpe told The Bunch.


“The only reason why people are talking about Cody now, for 2021, is because of how much he’s improved and how well he’s swimming.”

Pretty incredible stuff.

Thing is, while Thorpey is in more of a mentoring role these days, does he ever hop into a pool for a few lazy laps, just for the pure enjoyment of it?

The short answer is…. no.

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Head Above Water kicks off today on Amazon Prime…