In 2019, his shows were a complete and utter sellout.

Yesterday, he earned his second Fringe World Weekly Winner, which will clearly sit nicely next to his two Best Edinburgh Show nominations.

Milo McCabe’s Fringe show, Tiles of The Unexpected, centres around McCabe’s debonair (and terribly polite) alter-ego, Troy Hawke… and Scrabble.

McCabe’s character has been described as “seducing the audience with an uncanny mix of sexual tension and childlike innocence.”

On Thursday, McCabe joined Botica’s Bunch to talk about where Troy Hawke came from and, of course, the premise of his “mad comic genius” show…but, within minutes, things went in a couple of completely different directions.

Including his jaw-dropping story about he and his mates got their drinks “spiked by a racist Dutch dwarf.”

Hit PLAY to hear the chat (which we’re still recovering from)


‘Troy Hawke: Tiles of the Unexpected’ is currently showing at Fringe World – tickets here!