After already landing themselves a yacht and a limo in 2019, the boys are now after a HELICOPTER.

The game is simple. It started with the boys putting out a solicit on the radio, asking if anyone had received an unwanted Mother’s Day gift they were happy to donate to the show. They were offered a painting. 

Now each day for two weeks, the boys will make a trade live on air, hoping to swap their way from a painting to a helicopter, one swap at a time. It sounds crazy, but they managed to pull off ‘Swap To A Limo’ and ‘Swap To A Yacht’ in the same fashion earlier this year.

Be sure to listen to Will & Woody from 4-6pm weekdays, and follow along online at @willandwoody on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

Would you like a helicopter ride with the boys??

The boys are super-excited about the prospect of getting a helicopter, and if they’re successful, they want to do something truly EPIC. Perhaps you have an event you’re attending (weekend of 24th-26th May) that we could drop you at in style. Maybe you would just like to pick up your grandma for a cuppa tea she’ll never forget. Perhaps you’d like to dress up as batman and pick your kid up from school. Maybe you know someone who has had a hard time and deserves an awesome surprise. Use your imagination and let us know! 


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