Ray Meagher, best-known for playing Alf Stewart in Home and Away is alive and well, although you could be forgiven if your heart skipped a beat this week.

Facebook users were surprised by wording in a post from WHO Magazine on the weekend, which led some people to believe that the actor had died.

In the since-deleted post, the magazine gushed about Meagher’s career and character using phrasing typically reserved to pay tribute to actors in memorial.

WHO posted a photo of Meagher with fellow Home & Away actor Georgie Parker, writing “The whole cast and crew love you very much”: Tributes are flowing for Home And Away’s most iconic star, Ray Meagher.

Users were quick to pile on the magazine for their ‘disgusting’ headline with many labelling it misleading.

Thankfully, we can report that Ray is alive and well. The post was just a bit of a misguided attempt at celebrating the actor’s 77th birthday.



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