Here’s an idea for a social experiment that you can try out the front of your home.

Okay, maybe not technically an ‘experiment’, but it’s something fun you can do to fill a few hours on a boring afternoon.

An English family were bored in isolation, so decided to put up a sign urging people to “commence silly walking”…and people actually followed the sign’s directions.

If you don’t know, the sign is a nod to a Monty Python sketch called ‘The Ministry of Silly Walks’ in which a government department is created purely to develop a new silly walk.

It’s ridiculous and, therefore, wonderful.

The family set up a camera to film what happens and the results are really quite magical.

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It starts small but it really grows on you.

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Some people even drove to the house specifically to showcase their own silly walks:

Even the pizza delivery guy got into the spirit:


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