The internet has slammed a groom-to-be over his reaction to his brides budget for a wedding dress.

Writing on Reddit, the American man said his fiancee had lost her job due to COVID-19 and although they had just bought a new car, they were still going ahead with their wedding but on a smaller budget

The told the website that his fiancee had come into the bathroom looking “a little bit nervous”.

“She asked if she could buy a $US350 wedding dress that she’s been looking at for months,” which is around $500AUD.

He then asked his wife where the $350 would come from.

This the part the internet didn’t take too well with… over 1300 comments pointing out how cheap the dress was.

One reader said “It seems like maybe you’re delusional about the cost of weddings, that $350 price is absurdly low for a wedding dress, and most grooms would be jumping with excitement at how reasonable their bride is.’


Another said“My dress cost $1800. My veil cost 200. I haven’t even gotten my alterations yet and I expect a few hundred from that too.

“Even at those prices, I am still not considered in the ‘ridiculously expensive’ dress range. 350 is effin cheap. 350 probably IS a thrift/used dress she found.”

The man has since responded saying “I love my fiancée and I want her to feel beautiful. I feel like a total a******.

“I just assumed wedding dresses weren’t that much unless they were like custom made or a celebrity dress.”

He also revealed the couple had now chatted through the cost and he had apologised

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