Easter’s back again, bringing hot cross buns, Easter eggs, family and friends together… actually, scratch that… bringing hot cross buns, Easter eggs, on your household together (plus a few extra on Zoom).

And whilst this years Easter holidays may be a little different than normal, there’s still plenty of opportunity to have a memorable at-home holiday.

So, here’s some isolation-friendly activities to entertain the kids this Easter.

Egg & Spoon Race

Why not go back to basics? This self-explanatory activity will get the kids active and having fun. You can even customise your race to make it a little trickier with the addition of some obstacles! Add something to jump over, something to limbo under or fire up some water pistols for the kids to dodge.

Egg decorating

A simple, crafty activity that can be fun for you and the kids. Throw on some aprons, set up a rainbow of paint colours and let the kids get creative. Just remember to set a tablecloth to avoid any unwanted masterpieces.


Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

The best way to twist up this classic Easter activity is to incorporate a treasure hunt! Prepare clues that will send the kids on an expedition around the house and backyard (not to mention tire them out). It’s also a great opportunity to incorporate some fun learning. Pop in a maths equation or science question at each location, for the kids to unlock the next clue.

Non-Easter Egg Hunt

Want to avoid the kid’s afternoon sugar rush? Well, look no further. Instead of sugary treats, send the kids out to hunt for prizes. It could be small toys or even a ‘stay up for an extra 15 minutes’ voucher. Whatever reasonable deal you can cope with.

It may not be Easter as usual, but with a little optimism and preparation, you can still create a fun weekend for the family. Because after all, it’s the perfect time to spend quality time with your kids, with no distractions.

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