This super cute doll is set to be the hottest item with kids whose parents work FIFO.

It all started when Natalie Wilson, who started small business Cutie Hooties with her sister Alison Lewkowski, sewed a little high-vis vest onto a doll and posted it online.

“I made one and literally unpicked all the high vis stripping off the vest and made one up and put a beard on him,” she told the Wanneroo Times.

A short time later, Natalie said she got a message from a woman who said it looked just like her husband – and promptly bought it.

Another mum, whose three-year-old daughter had been struggling with her dad working away, put in an order for a couple of handmade Cutie Hooties dolls, and included a couple of pictures of her FIFO husband so they would resemble him.


She said her children (she also has a one-year-old) found comfort with what her daughter called her ‘daddy doll’, sometimes talking to hers when her dad was on-site.

Natalie said that orders hadn’t stopped, especially after a pic of the dolls was shared to a FIFO support group.

She said she enjoyed making the dolls, each of which were all different, including different professions.

“…one will have stubble, one will have a big full beard.”

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