It’s almost September, you know what that means – Christmas.

And your fave Saturday morning snag joint Bunnings has given us an early creep on what’s about to hit their shelves – and it’s all about the lights and inflatables!

For households that love nothing more that asserting their dominance by getting the Christmas lights up and out first, a fresh batch of Christmas lights are expected to be in-store early to mid-September…

Star Wars inflatables, including BB8 and the Millenium Falcon are expected in-store around November-ish for, $39 each.

Yeah baby, yeah! Lava lamps will be available from October… so new there was no price available as yet!

The lava lamps will be available in colour (the pic above) and… glitter!



The glitter lava lamps come in one-colour glitter or this one that looks like fairy bread (clearly our fave).


Keeping with the lights, check out this sausage dog inflatable light by Lytworx, $29.


How about this inflatable light Santa stop sign, $29.



Inflatable Santa with surfboard light, $99.


Inflatable Santa and penguin boat light – this thing is 1.5m and will retail at $129.